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SF Airlines: B757/B767 Captains
Release date: 2017-02-21 Effective time: 2017-12-31
Number: 5 Job Type: Full Time
Country: Based City: Shenzhen
Airline company: SF Airlines Job role: Flight Crew

 Quick Aviation China is pleased to offer Captain positions on the B757/B767 in SF Airlines.



Contract Length: 4 years renewable

Salary & Benefits: Captain B757/B767

sf Residence    4 weeks on 2 weeks off  
Yearly Income 245,020 USD   223,060 USD  
Monthly Salary

≈18,180 USD

(calculated at exchange rate of 6.15)


≈16,350 USD

(calculated at exchange rate of 6.15)

Sick Leave

10 days per year with

basic salary


Monthly Basic Salary   ≈13,670USD    

Annual Bonus

7320 USD


Contract Completion Bonus 29,400 USD  


Per Diem    810 USD    
Housing 1,630(reimbursement)   1,300USD (reimbursement)  
Transport                      570 USD (reimbursement)    
Travel            11,400 USD/Y  (reimbursement)    

Education-1500 USD                                

(paid in salary after tax)                                 /

or 1630 USD for reimbursement

Overtime pay(>50h)   360 USD/h    
Base   Shenzhen    
Training Pay Ground 8,600 USD Line 13,760 USD    
Training length TR: 3 months; NTR: 5 months




1. Total Time over 3000 hours, Total PIC time over 500 hours

2. Class 1 medical

3. ICAO level 4 

4. Date of last flight within last 6 months. 

5.  Age shall be under 54 if pilots have B737/757/767 type rating

6.  No criminal record
7. Recommendation letter


Besides that, please let the pilot to fill the attached application form and Email back to us.

And the end of the form contains the documents what the foreign pilots need to provide.


Please no hesitation to contact us if you have any questions.

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