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Lucky Air B737NG/EFIS/A320/A330 Captain
Release date: 2017-06-23 Effective time: 2017-07-23
Number: 0 Job Type: Full Time
Country: China City: Kunming, Lijiang, Zhengzhou
Airline company: Lucky Air Job role: Captain

Quick Aviation China is pleased to offer Captain positions on the B737NG/EFIS/A320/A330 in Lucky Air.



1. Be a national whose home country shall maintain diplomatic relation with the Peoples Republic of China.

2. Be a valid license holder as pilot in air transportation. Has a valid class I medical certificate.

3. Be a national of a contracting party to ICAO.

4. Age under 55 years old.

5. 3,000 hours and above in flying hours.

6. Type Rated PIC Hours:

l B737NG- 500 hours

l B737(NG+EFIS)- 1500 hours

l A320-500 hours

l A330-500 hours

7. English proficiency level ICAO IV and above.

8. Qualified for CAT I landing standard.

9. No flight accident record.

10. No criminal record.

11. Has a no flight accident certificate issued by the former employer.

12. Has flight logbook, training and checking records, rewards and punishments records.

13. Experience-losing period of type rating is no more than 12 calendar months.

14. Currently on type: B737NG/EFIS, A320, A330

15. Base in Kunming, Lijiang and Zhengzhou.



Salary package for  B737NG/EFIS/A320/A330 Captains.