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Air China
Air China
Release time:2016-09-24

"Air China" was founded in Beijing in 1988. On December 15th, 2004, Air China successfully listed in Hong Kong (HKEx: 0753) and London (trading code: AIRC). With excellent profitability, Air China has made profits for 7 consecutive years since 2001, making it the leader in China's civil aviation industry.
Air China is the only airline company who carries the Chinese national flag. It became a member of Star Alliance in December 2007 and it was also the airline partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It is known to all that Air China takes the responsibility of special plane tasks for Chinese national leaders visiting abroad, as well as foreign and diplomatic leaders visiting China. With the headquarters located in Beijing, Air China has several branch companies in areas such as Southwest, Zhejiang Province, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Guizhou Province, Tibet and bases in Shanghai and Southern China. (Not sure which direction the writer is going, needs to be rewritten as it makes is seem like places such as Zhejiang are branch companies.) Air China is also the biggest stockholder of Shangdong Aviation Group Co. Ltd.

Air China owns 224 Boeing and Airbus planes that operate on 243 routes covering 28 countries and districts. Among which there are 69 international routes, 6 regional routes, and 168 domestic routes. It provides more than 6.000 weekly flights and offers an overall total of 1 million seats for its passengers. Air China has 2,875 pilots; there are 369 meritorious pilots who have piloted more than 20,000 hours safely, and 800 golden prize pilots who have piloted more than 16,000 hours safely.

The strict training for pilots carried out by Air China guarantees the piloting safety and high quality service. The training center for their pilots has world-class training capability and scale, being equipped with a strong instructor group, rich teaching experience, and first-class training facilities. The piloting training team, which has its base located at Tianjin Binhai International Airport, applies the most advanced real-plane training mode with two Boeing 737-300 planes being used specifically for pilots training.

For 53 years, the flight path of Air China's planes has covered more than 100 countries and districts, piloted more than 6 million hours safely, carried more than 240 million passengers, and performed more than 5,000 special plane tasks for leaders of the Chinese party and the state. Air China has not only created the first class safe piloting record in the world, but also has 43 years (since 1965) of safe piloting on the flight course from Chengdu to Lhasa, which has the well-known difficulty of piloting and used to be deemed the "Air Forbidden Area" by the international civil aviation field.

As the only elected civil aviation enterprise in China, Air China has been listed among the World Top 500 Brands in 2007, which marks the brand of Air China as one of the world-class brands. The Financial Times of Great Britain and American McKinsey Management Consulting Company have jointly appraised the Air China brand as one of “China’s Top Ten International Brands”.
Air China will continuously take the management notion of "safety and passengers first with trust at the root", follow the mission of "meeting the requirements of customers and creating mutual values", pursue the enterprise sense of worth for "having a high level of service and get the universal approval of the public", to stand among world leading large-scale network carriers in the global aviation industry by 2017.