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Quick Aviation International Limited, headquarter located in Hong Kong. In the mainland with a wholly owned subsidiary - Guangzhou QingfengYi Info-Technology Co., Ltd. Since the founding of the Quick Aviation, we subject to "pay attention to strength, strictly control resources, technology pilot, service first", This also make us have a tight cooperation with airlines.We have a strong and professional team, including the civil aviation administration counselor, large-scale airline business counselor, airline medical checkup counselor, IT research and development team and operation team.

After several years developing, Quick Aviation has grown into a very professional companies in flight crew leasing for airlines. At present, Quick Aviation already have dozens of captain who are working for China Airlines. In order to provide professional service for more country and areas, we will bases in the United States, Canada Mexico, Panama, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other places. The service we provide:

• Global recruitment advertising, massive pilots data screening.

• Quick recommendation of foreign pilot candidates; Overseas recruitment channels, such as overseas recruitment advertisements, overseas interview event.

• ATPL simulation test library can help foreign pilots to accelerate the progress of learning, consolidate theoretical knowledge, simulator training, aeromedical consulting and other professional services, greatly improve the CAAC certification rate.

• Overseas services support, such as overseas communications, Bureau letters, visa etc.

• Foreign staff management consulting, such as intercultural communication, job satisfaction survey, enhancing the sense of belonging of foreign employees, maintaining the stability of staff and so on.

• Foreigners living support, such as life guidance, life translation, traffic support, financial information support, foreign pilot member club and so on.

• CAAC loss of license insurance, medical and health advisory services.

Quick Aviation has cooperate with more than 10 China Airlines. Relying on the deep background of aviation, we are not only provide complete protection for foreign pilots, but also provide professional consultant for domestic pilots. In the future, the company will establish a professional communication platform for the global pilots.